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lulu loves paris
04 May 2010 @ 07:30 pm

lulu loves paris
12 August 2009 @ 10:02 pm
This Macbeth run is almost done and I'm partly happy about that and partly sad. The happy comes from not having to deal with Christian (he's playing Macbeth) after we're done, but the sad is - well - it's fun! I love acting, and designing, so very, very much. Still, I don't have a very meaty role in this play - nothing to sink my teeth into - I basically do a lot of creepy staring and smirking and then as Lady Macduff a lot of screaming when myself and my child are muuuuurdered. Terrible stuff. Once Macbeth finishes on Sunday, we're starting rehearsal for Tartuffe which will be FANTASTIC. I cannot wait one bit. It'll be so light and fun after this play. I'm hoping to get the character Elmire, so fingers crossed! I met with the director and a girl who wanted to audition today. She's French and absolutely adorable - we both thought she'd be perfect for Mariane so I think she's got the role.

To do:

- Make Tartuffe poster
- Sketch up some costume designs
- Learn lines for The Maids
- Finish uni work! Involves lots of photo taking.
- Take anger management classes to get through four more days with Christian and hope to god he doesn't want to be in Tartuffe.